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what can a Business Broker/Intermediary do for me?

A business intermediary facilitates the sales process for the transfer of business ownership between parties. He or she works as an intermediary between buyers and sellers and guides the entire process to assure a successful closing. A Business Intermediary can represent a buyer or seller, but generally represents the seller in the transaction and performs the following services:

  • Assesses the viability of the business for sale
  • Provides access to valuation services to establish Fair Market Value for the business
  • Packages the vital financial and marketing information of the business for presentation to potential buyers
  • Actively but confidentially markets the business
  • Screens and pre-qualifies potential buyers for the business
  • Facilitates the making of an offer and deal structure
  • Helps identify financing institutions and facilitates the loan process
  • Assures that all pertinent information and documentation is available for closing


Why Do I Need a Business Intermediary? Can't I Do All of That Myself?

The process of selling your business on your own can be long, complex and frustrating. A business intermediary can identify multiple qualified buyers quickly and help you to:


allows you to Focus on your Core Business

When you are looking to sell your business, it is not the time to be distracted with all the legwork that managing a sales process requires. Don't let your sales or profitability slip.


Keeps it Confidential

The potential impacts of making the impending sale of your business public are significant:

  • Employee defection
  • Customer defection
  • Suppliers may require COD
  • Lenders may call in loans
  • Competitors may become more aggressive

This spells loss of value and may ultimately impede the sale of the business.


Pre-qualifies Buyers

Screening the potential buyers is one of the most important benefits a broker can provide for you. Roughly 90% of those who respond to a business for sale ad, are either not serious or not financially qualified. You also have the potential for a competitor to come snooping around which could be disastrous. By screening prospects we will contribute to your confidentiality and screen out the merely curious time wasters. The Brookmoor Adams Advisors process exposes your business only to prescreened, qualified buyers who are under a strict confidentiality agreement.


Appropriately Markets the Business

We will advertise your business in such a way that will attract interest without revealing it's exact location or name. Based on past experience, we will pick certain mediums and channels to maximize advertising effectiveness. Seller Prospectus - We will design a company profile of your business to prospective buyers. It will set out key information used for preliminary screening by buyers to prove your company’s salability.


Keeps a negotiating buffer

You do not have to respond to a buyer's offer directly. Maintaining a buffer helps to keep the negotiating process from eroding chemistry and good will between the buyer and seller.


Identifies Alternative Deal Structures

The terms of the offer must be acceptable to you. However, there are often a number of alternative deal structures that will satisfy the financial requirements of both parties.


Finds Lender Relationships

Brookmoor Adams Advisors can facilitate loan placement at the local level and BBN at the national level with top SBA and other commercial lenders if needed.


Manages Appropriate Release of Information

Until a purchase and sale agreement have been signed, the broker will phase the release of information about the business to match the growing evidence of buyer sincerity and trustworthiness.



Your Brookmoor Adams Advisor is an experienced intermediary who will manage the negotiations keeping your interests in the foreground until a deal is agreed upon and closing legalities finalized.


sets Goals

Your Brookmoor Adams Advisors consultant will assist you in identifying your goals to be accomplished with the sale of your business and formulate steps to reach these goals.


provides Valuation Services

Weather or not you list your business for sale it is still important to know its current market value weather it is for calculating your net worth, stock transfer, partner buy in/out, estate planning or general interest. We provide a business valuation using tried and true generally accepted accounting principles and a database of thousands of closed transactions in hundreds of industries to provide a true indication of the valuations of businesses that actually changed hands.

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The BBN Connection

Brookmoor Adams Advisors is a national affiliate of Business Brokers Network®. BBN is the largest business brokerage network in the United States with over 450 brokers nationwide. Working with BBN provides Brookmoor Adams Advisors’ clients with several advantages:

  • Immediate exposure to brokers nationwide
  • Access to a database of thousands of screened and qualified buyers to identify multiple buyers quickly
  • A process that is geared to confidentiality and professionalism
  • BBN corporate support from attorneys, accountants, tax experts and the nation's most experienced pro brokers
  • Access to a broad range of industry specific expertise when needed to effectively package a transaction