Business Brokerage/Intermediary Services:

Brookmoor Adams Advisors has three goals in mind when listing and selling your business:

  • Securing a closing price that is as close as possible to the original asking price;
  • Shortening the cycles of the listing and sales process; and
  • Building a high ratio of closings per total number of businesses listed.

We have an outstanding record in these areas.

Our success also lies in our marketing expertise: we know how to promote businesses for sale to prospective buyers. For each listing, Brookmoor Adams Advisors packages a company’s financial data, determines its fair market value, notes major events in the history of the business, and writes an overall narrative business plan. We’ve found this to be an essential step in presenting a complete sales package to qualified buyers.

Brookmoor Adams Advisors will help you tackle critical issues in trying to sell or buy a business:

  • Identifying multiple qualified buyers
  • Determining a Fair Market Value for the business
  • Packaging all the information a buyer will need to make decision
  • Finding the right deal structure to accommodate the needs of both parties
  • Helping to securing financing to make the deal happen
  • Guiding the entire process through to a successful closing

Business Valuations:

An independent third party business valuation will assure that the price presented to buyers is believable, reasonable and well positioned against comparable businesses available in the market. Brookmoor Adams Advisors works with RWS, the largest business valuation firm in the country which specializes in small and mid market companies, to develop a professional valuation for your company.

Business Consulting/Growth and Exit Strategies:

If your plans are to expand, Brookmoor Adams Advisors can help prepare your business for a loan, identify potential acquisition candidates or evaluate a potential strategic partnership. When it is time to plan an exit, we can help you lay the groundwork to maximize the value of your company to a potential buyer or plan for succession to an heir or other company insider. We can also help in the following areas:

  • Determining requirements for an investor/partner;
  • SBA Loan Document Preparation;
  • Debt Analysis/Restructure;
  • Assistance in Marketing for New Clients;
  • Improving Accounting Practices;
  • Understanding Profitability and how to improve it;
  • Increasing Cash Flow
  • Assistance in the sale of a business and/or real estate note